Our Founder & His Message

Bestb Defence Academy In Lucknow

Welcome to Spartan Defence Academy prides itself on the quality of its educational & motivational programmes Based on the Spirit of Serving country through Defence. The professionalism of its staff, the enthusiasm of its students and the high level of support provided by parents and society members. We are Spartans. We actively seek participation and involvement from the whole staff & students as well as academy members.

We are determined to ensure that we are delivering not just a good education & environment for complete development of Aspirant as an Officer but a culture for good.

These ethics are developed in consultation with the academic staff.

  • Defence Exams Based Curriculum, Teaching and Learning.
  • A Complete atmosphere with the spirit of Serving Country.
  • A high standard of teaching and learning tutorial.
  • Commitment to Learning Accepting Responsibility Respect for our Nation its citizen the environmentExcellence in all we do.
  • Extra Curricular activities & Physical Training .
  • Practice Classes for making students to increase efficiency.
  • Motivational Seminars & Career Guidance through ex Armed Forces officers & renowned personalities..
  • Online module to provide students facility to grade up their studies through online classes of Faculties. .

Our Mission

We provide a diversified Defence-based curriculum to help our students to:

Develop independent thinking and positive attitude;

Achieve proficiency in communication skills and Personality;

Acquire Officer like qualities and a broad perspective with global information;

Develop a sense of integrity, justice, patriotism and a commitment to serve the country.

Strengthen students’ sense of adaption by physical activities

Educate the poor students who lacks support & guidance with the feeling of betterment of society & their careers.

Our Vision

Adhering to the principle of “Serving the Country in the Spirit of Benevolence”, we pledge to provide our Students a Defence Based curriculum which helps them to get Selection in Defence Exams as well as Team Spartan is determined to develop our students into the pillars of our country.

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