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NDA Exam is one of the toughest exams of India. Right strategy and right path are very important to crack this exam. If you want to crack this exam not only awareness about this exam but a whole different approach is needed from the early stage of education.

Many of the students at early stage of education (10th to 11th standard) start thinking about making their careers in their admired fields. For getting Selection in NDA needs a prominent study of its curriculum after 10th Standard Although they require to develop an attitude with OLQ’ s to qualify for the next stage of exam.

Are they learning anything?

Will their thinking ability increase by these sorts of acts?

Will they be able to crack NDA Exam?

Just taking classes of academics may get you good marks but they will not help to join NDA.

What is NDA foundation Batch at Spartan Defence Academy?

Spartan has started foundation batches recently. This programme is for the students who are in class 11th/ 12th. They lay emphasis on the basic concepts in Science, English and Mathematics required for NDA Exam.

We ensure that student builds a strong base in the subjects by supplementing and expanding upon the knowledge acquired in school. They take daily Classes of their respective standards as well as NDA curriculum. weekly test in which questions are framed in such manner to check their conceptual knowledge.

Conceptual clarity makes the student strong in the subject and creates interest in the subject. So, the student do well in school as well as perform better in various competitive examinations such as NDA, Air Force ( X & Y Group) and NAVY ( SSR & AA ).

Objective of Foundation Batch:

  • To ensure that student does not to complete academics but to get cleared understanding of the subject

  • To provide right path for future entrance examinations e.g. NDA, AIR FORCE & NAVY etc.

  • To prepare for various entries Based on 12th Standard percentile like TES (10+2)

  • To provide attitude & Physical ability to the students for Ground Tasks

  • To provide an ambience to develop Officer Like Qualities in psychological evaluation

Advantage of Foundation Batch:

  • A complete Syllabus of 11th& 12th standard topics are taught in this Batch. So they tend to put in more and more efforts.

  • And when the time comes they are ready to give their 100% in Written Exam of NDA.

  • In foundation batches students also prepare themselves to score good marks in their respective curriculum. Foundation batch students are clear so they do much better throughout 11th and 12th exam.

  • Foundation batch students also get early exposure towards competitive exams which helps them in improving their examination skills for other competitions down the line.

Admission Guidelines for Foundation Batch:


Admission Criteria

Direct Admission (Class 10th & 11th pass students)

Subjects to be taught

Maths, Science (Physics/Chemistry/Biology), English, Social Science, Current Affairs

Course Duration

1 year & 2 years Classroom Program

Medium of Classes


Class Duration

Usually 4 hours


We provide our Students private Hostels, rooms on rent and paying guest facilities separately for boys and girls

Why Spartan? : It is very necessary that a student aspiring for NDA examination should join foundation batch. It not only enhances his thinking ability but also exposes him to the competitive environment. Spartan Defence Academy provides the Best Platform to all foundation students to accomplish their 11th – 12th standard with the Best Guidance to join NDA through significant knowledge and skills. We welcome all the foundation students to enrich their careers in serving country By Joining Indian Armed Forces

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